People ask me, why do you keep going back to Italy? Why not explore other places? Although I have been to a few other countries, I always include Italy as a part of my travel when I can. Instead of Why? I always think Why Not?

It’s hard to explain but it’s a feeling I get when I’m there – like I belong, like I’m home.

The people; Italians are so friendly and welcoming you feel like you’ve known them all your life. Most live modestly and deeply value family. They have an appreciation of tradition, customs and faith that are so rooted you can’t help but admire them.

The food; oh the food! I could seriously live on pasta alone. But what I really love is the use of whatever is fresh and in-season. Produce that is eaten at its prime is a food experience, not just a meal. Italians shop daily at produce markets to grab whatever is at its best that day.

Italian produce market
Produce stand in Italy

The drink; of course we have to talk about the wine! Italy is known for it’s wine, winemakers and picturesque vineyards. Wineries are places I love to visit on my trips not only because I enjoy wine but because the wineries are beautiful places to visit, take some photos, make some new friends and take in a bit of their history of wine making.

Italian Vineyard Sangiovese
Sangiovese grape vines

The history; there is so much history so soak in. Whether you spend your time in museums, reading archives, admiring art & architecture or visiting other historic sites, you will find no shortage of interesting things to do and learn about.

Michelangelo David

The people watching; I love to people-watch. Sometimes I will just sit in an outdoor cafe with a snack and a glass of wine and just watch all of the beautiful and interesting people meandering about. I also really enjoy all the fashion choices (especially the shoes!) and just watching everyone interact with each other. You will witness lots of hugs, kisses and wild hand gestures!

italian outdoor cafe
Outdoor Italian Cafe

These are just a few of my favorite things. Do you have any favorites that should be at the top of my list?