I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I do NOT like to fly! For many years it was a phobia that really took a hold on my life. There was a period more than 20 years ago when I did not fly at all, I think it lasted about 8 years. Then I signed up for a “Fear of Flying” course. It took place over 3 weekends and for graduation we took a short flight. This course changed things for me – not only did I start flying again but I actually planned trips for fun!

That being said, I’m still a bit of a nervous flyer but I have a lot of things I try for help. Trying to relax is top priority so I do things like breathing exercises, essential oils and I bring a lot of reading materials. My newest discovery are the Bose noise canceling headphones, these are awesome! Nothing calms me down faster than getting rid of that engine noise when taking off. You can find them here.

If I am flying an overnight flight I would love to be able to sleep. Actually not even sleep, just get a cat nap in but it never happens for me. I have a neck pillow, an eye mask, a blanket, calming scents, relaxing sounds but nothing works.

And then there’s you-across the aisle. No neck pillow, no eye mask, falls asleep before takeoff. How do you do it? Are you even buckled in before you doze? I loathe and admire you at the same time. I peek at you periodically throughout the flight. You usually get a good 4-6 hours of rest, actual uninterrupted sleep! You wake up refreshed, unaware of the daggers being shot your way by the rest of us still awake with the bloodshot eyes, wishing for sleep to come.

My question is, what’s your secret?