Starting a year from today, October 1, 2020, your traditional drivers license will no longer be acceptable identification to get through domestic airport security. Travelers will be required to show REAL ID identification or an acceptable alternate at airport security (Passports are an acceptable alternate).

What is REAL ID?

The REAL ID Act was passed by congress back in 2005 and it has taken the government almost 15 years to implement this Act. It sets minimum security standards for state issued identification cards and drivers licenses that prohibit federal agencies (like the TSA) from accepting identification from states that do not meet these standards.

Does everyone need REAL ID?

No, not everyone needs REAL ID. For instance if you take your Passport with you every time you fly domestically or if you’re under 18. But you do need to find out if you need it before the deadline of October 1, 2020. Don’t put it off until the last minute, especially if you have plans to travel next year, you could be turned away at the airport.

For more info on how to get REAL ID ready, click here.