One of the many reasons Fall is a great time to visit Tuscany is for the grape harvest. By this time the weather has cooled a bit, the tourists have thinned out and the countryside colors have awakened.

September is the month of the grape harvest and there are many celebrations dedicated to it. I have been lucky enough to be in Tuscany for the grape harvest! It’s so exciting to see all the wine festivals and specialty food items made with grapes during this season.


In the village of Impruneta, they celebrate “Festa dell’Uva” (Grape Festival), which started in back in 1926 and is one of the most popular events of the year for both locals and tourists. Along with the culinary contests, wine tastings and neighborhood celebrations, there is a parade at the end of the festival where the neighborhoods have the opportunity to show off the floats they have been working so feverishly on. You really have to see these with your own eyes, they are actually made out of mostly grapes!

Festa dell’Uva Impruneta

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